AW14 was a whole new season and brand new aesthetic; ‘60s shapes, luxurious textures and oversized fur coats in muted neutrals and soft fondant shades. Warehouse wanted a digital campaign that showcased their catwalk-inspired, sharp tailoring and also tied in with the launch of their content rich digital platform.

The key objective was reach, serving millions of impressions across multiple channels to increase awareness of the new collection, and ensure that Warehouse was the go-to for the season’s wardrobe.

September 2014 saw the launch of the Warehouse digital platform, centered on the ‘Tales of the City’ blog, the modern day handbook for any woman navigating the daily trials and style tribulations of living in a city. Featuring partnerships with inspirational women; from bloggers to DJs to mixologists, the targeting for this campaign had to be relevant to capture the attention of a wide variety of fashion forward women aged 23-40.


Strategy 1. Programmatic Display

A mix of custom-made white lists, contextual and semantic targeting around fashion and lifestyle related keywords and content. This ensured ads only appeared alongside premium and relevant content such as blogs, press coverage and fashion publications, guaranteeing relevancy and reducing wasted ad impressions served to a less engaged audience.

Strategy 2. Facebook

News Feed ads targeting Females aged 23-40 that are interested in fashion, trends and style, and nightlife and going out. We kept social, social. Appealing to our audience through social interests, we connected with them in a more focused way.

Strategy 3. Twitter

Promoted Tweets targeting Females interested in Fashion, Lookalike Converters, Lookalike Followers. The Lookalike Converters refined our focus on driving sales for Warehouse, discovering new audiences similar to those that had already purchased. Lookalike Followers allowed us to find new consumers that had already expressed an interest in similar content, and serve ads to engaged audiences.

Built in Flash and HTML5 for maximum coverage, Social and Display ad units  expanded into a submersive unit featuring a look book and social media prompts to share, plus links direct to purchase.


9 million unique users reached

Over 300% interaction rate with the social unit

CTR from the social unit to the Warehouse site was almost 50% for Facebook, and over 60% for Twitter

Over 400% ROI reached within 7 days

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