Encore is the UK’s leading ticketing company. We’ve been working with them to raise the profile of TheatrePeople.com through awareness and sales.

At Christmas ‘13 we launched a Secret Santa competition. Consumers had the chance to win a range of prizes if they could identify the show where the photo was taken.

Needless to say, some were trickier than others.

We amplified through Facebook Domain and Page Post ads. We were able to run in conjunction with discounted tickets for a blend of engagement and sales.

Our targeting was focused on females aged 25+ who resided around London and the home counties.
We built bespoke clusters containing 900+ KWs targeting competitor outlets, theatres, stage productions and widely recognised actors.

We also added display banners for extra impact with the same targeting.

Which was smart considering our highest ROI segments included at least two channels in the path to conversion.


Campaign was profitable after only 4 days

948 Sales @ an average basket value of £140

46m ad views

23k engagements

Doubled Facebook connections

Highest ROI segments included at least two channels in the path to conversion (Display, Facebook & FBX)

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