Encore is the UK’s leading ticketing company. We’ve been working with them to raise the profile of TheatrePeople.com through awareness and sales.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup™ was the perfect opportunity to engage with non sports fans, and boost theatre production awareness over the summer period.

Encore were able to get cast members to show off their ‘keepy uppy’ skills. Mamma Mia was specifically a hit for our target audience…

We seeded the video through YouTube TrueView, targeting London and the home counties, overlayed with theatre production and talent, plus competitor keywords.

We also seeded through London centric theatre and entertainment blogs.

Our targeting was focused on females aged 25+ who resided around London and the home counties.
We built bespoke clusters containing 900+ KWs targeting competitor outlets, theatres, stage productions and widely recognised actors.

Youtube Results


6,484 clicks to site (12% of all views)

Average user watched 92% of the video

Blogger Results


1,920 clicks to site (4% of all views)

26 editorial placements across relevant blogs

Overall Results

Served over 18M targeted impressions

Average user watched 92% of the video

102,432 video views

8,404 clicks to site

Client saw an uplift of 258% in sales compared to the previous summer’s results

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