LighterLife Fast has been providing sustainable weight loss for over 20 years. We were appointed to drive sales and awareness for their newly launched LighterLife Fast packs.

We had 21 days to generate awareness of the LighterLife Fast 5:2 weight loss plan, whilst driving consumers to the Superdrug website.

Denise Welsh was our brand ambassador, but with our target audience ranging from 25+, we promptly needed creative that resonated with all women.

So we created age specific hero images for our video banners and social ads.

We had some work to do…

METHODOLOGY – Social Prospecting

Domain and Page Post ad formats were served to women who have expressed an interest in dieting and weight loss plans and who are connected to competitors.

Further targeting included consumers who are talking about holidays, who are engaged and discussing weddings and who are mothers with children aged 0-3.

‘Dieting’ targeting was segmented into 18-29, 30-39, 40-49 & 50+ age groups with bespoke creative per cluster.

METHODOLOGY – Display Prospecting

Find prospective consumers via:

Shopping, Beauty & Fitness channels, eBay Diet & Weight Loss categories, FBX,

Semantic targeting -finding consumers who are searching for content related to Health, Diet & Fitness and Competitors. (Generic and video creative were tested)

METHODOLOGY – Retargeting

Retarget consumers on seeing a Facebook ad, after visiting the LighterLife Fast website and via FBX.


82.4 million ad views

41,274 video views

76% of all views completed the video

54,104 clicks to the Superdrug sales page

CTR was 30% higher than forecast. Online sales superseded expectations

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