A low cost telecommunications company founded in 2001, serving 10 countries globally. The company offers low rates for national and international calls through pre-paid Pay As You Go SIM cards tailored to the needs of international communities and migrant workers.

We were tasked with driving new customer orders across 4 territories. It was not only important to REACH international communities (migrant workers, expats and students), in each territory, the brief was to have a CONVERSATION with each community through relevant messaging.

In order for Lebara’s brand to resonate, messaging had to relate culturally, an approach that Lebara had previously steered aware from.
What was initially a direct response brief quickly developed into a long-term branding and communications strategy.

We had some work to do…we rolled out a hyper granular acquisition plan using our data management platform to converse with each audience cluster.
The top residing international communities in each market were chosen, along with the methodology of targeting the clusters, which were as follows:

Prospecting across Programmatic Display (utilising dynamic creative optimisation):

  • Walled garden expat site lists
  • International IP extensions
  • International browser languages
  • International ‘semantics’ incorporating cultural interests
  • International ‘semantics’ incorporating studying abroad
  • Walled garden international site lists
  • Skype / VOIP users

Prospecting across Facebook:

  • International browser languages
  • Cultural interests
  • International students

Plus we had to be in sync across international community ‘hotspots’ offline.

Including bus routes.

Storing each audience cluster touch point data allowed for sequential messaging, making each brand interaction personal and relevant.

In the UK market, two Acxiom Facebook Custom Audience clusters were created to ensure campaign messaging was consistent across multiple digital touch points, targeting existing customers as well as prospecting to ‘lookalike’ customers.

Key cultural interests were chosen to ensure the messaging was always relevant. Scrapping interest data around events converted with a 66% increase in CTR.

Home-grown TV shows proved successful generating 18% of all conversions. “Call home and catch up on xxxx” – a simple yet hugely effective strategy.


Over 3,800 new customers increasing ROI by 872%

360 million ad views served across 121 international communities

Average of 5 touch points in path to conversion using sequential messaging.

Total of 242 audience clusters.

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