Since 1919 The Children’s Society have been providing support and resources for disadvantaged children across the UK. The summer holidays are a key outreach period.

Introducing Unplugged
Driving UK parents to a dedicated microsite promoting low cost family activities.

As well as generating awareness, the secondary goal was to drive prospect leads for future donations where 50% include a telephone number.

Using Facebook Audience Targeting, Domain and Page Post Ads were served to women aged 20+ with children between 4 and 12 years old (reaching 96,000).

Optimising against 288 different ad variants to drive the lowest Cost Per Lead.
Using Targeted Overlays to reach mothers with a form fill MPU. The form fill requested name, email and telephone number to capture details before they accessed the microsite.

The hard work paid off…

Display Results

6.8 million Ad Impressions across ComScore top 250 sites.

Average CTR of 0.09%

Average click to lead of 89%

Facebook Results

28% of the target audience on Facebook (27,259) interacted with the campaign. Average click to lead of 11%

13,388 Actions

Increased Fan base by 27%

Overall Results

12m ad views

19.5k engagements

We surpassed the lead goal by 31%

As added value, 14% of the target audience either liked their Facebook page or commented and shared page post content.

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