Founded in 1924, Belstaff is a global luxury lifestyle brand steeped in its unique British heritage and the spirit of adventure. Belstaff is the reference for authentic moto inspired outerwear, with absolute authority and ownership of the iconic four pocket jacket.

We were tasked with running their Autumn/Winter campaign ‘Here be Dragons’. The phrase marked unexplored places as dangerous, but instead inspired some adventurers to discover them. In that spirit, the campaign aimed to encourage pushing boundaries.

Our objectives were to drive brand awareness of the concept, as well as generating a return on ad spend across several ad formats and strategies. We were to target the UK, US and German markets.

The key challenge was to balance the KPI’s in terms of targeting premium fashion and lifestyle environments to drive awareness with targeting in-market data segments to drive revenue.


Our strategy was to execute awareness in the first half of the campaign, running video in-stream, video in-banners and rich media formats across several premium private market places relevant to the Belstaff customer. Followed by the second half of the campaign where we would run with standard IAB banners and native placements leveraging 1st party and 3rd party in-market data segments to generate direct response.



Premium Publications: The Times, The Independent, The Guardian

Finance Publications: Bloomberg, CNN Money, The Economist, Reuters

Lifestyle Publications: Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, VICE, High Snobiety

Fashion Publications: W-Magazine, Vogue, GQ, Esquire, InStyle

Direct Response

1st party data from website pixels

High net worth individuals and decision makers

Luxury shoppers across all markets

Individuals interested in Luxury Automotive

Individuals interested in Motorcycles

Amazon High Spend Users

Lookalike Audiences


Over 72M impressions served across 3 different markets.

722,500 completed video views with a VTR of 33.05%.

The campaign generated a total ROI of 170%.

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